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Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC) is a quality supplier of temperature-controlled supply chain warehouse services. We understand the importance of providing services that provide value to our customers to meet their production and distribution needs. Our team is committed to finding efficient and responsive solutions to cold chain problems. At MFWC…

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MFWC traces its history back to 1915, when F.D. NewellView Image 1 built a warehouse for the De Soto Creamery & Produce Co.View Image 2, and began offering cold storage servicesView Image 3 to the produce company’s customersView Image. By 1919 its public cold storage operations were doing enough business that the company filed for and was issued Cold Storage Warehouse License #1View Image 5 by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

In the late 1930s, the Minneapolis Cold Storage Co.View Image 6 was spun away from the creamery and produce business. In the early 1960s F.D. Newell Jr.View Image 7 formed a subsidiary to the cold storage company and built new warehouses in Albert LeaView Image 8 and WorthingtonView Image 9 to provide services to the beefView Image 10 and pork producersView Image 11 of the region. Meanwhile the city of Minneapolis, wanting to develop green space along the Mississippi River for parks and recreation took the Minneapolis Cold Storage Building in 1978 to redevelop Nicollet Island. The Newell familyView Image 12 unified the remaining warehouses under one corporation and renamed the operation Minnesota Freezer Warehouse CoView Image 13. In 1992 MFWC expanded its operations to the city of AustinView Image 14 and built a multipurposeView Image 15 cold storage warehouseView Image 16. With the passing of F.D. Newell Jr in 1992, the Newell family established the F.D. Newell Jr. Memorial Scholarship to help individuals pay for their education. In 2014, the fourth generation of the Newell family took over operations of MFWC.

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