2019 GFSI Conference Brings International Attention to Food Practices as We Continue Our Support of Improved Food Safety in Austin, MN

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Conference took place in Nice, France, February 25-29. This annual international conference is a worldwide exposition of players and innovators in food and agriculture industries working to promote sustainable growing and production processes in tandem with the continued improvement of worldwide food safety. Each year, the GFSI works with many other organizations from countries around the world to showcase what work has been done to support new food safety ideas, projects, and standards. When it comes to supporting food safety, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC) believes the effort should be a universal one in which even the smallest food industry companies play their part. To do our part, MFWC provides comprehensive climate-controlled warehouse storage that meets the GFSI standards for food safety in Austin, MN, and across the globe.

Among the many food safety advocates who attended the 2019 GFSI Conference were our partners AIB (American Institute of Baking) International, which participated in the exhibits on the GFSI Village floor. Since 1919, AIB International has worked to improve standards and maintain quality control best practices for food safety in the baking and food processing industry.

MFWC partners with AIB International to ensure food safety with all frozen, refrigerated, and dry bakery goods or related food products that are stored and transported under our control. Our facilities are recertified each year through the AIB International standards inspection process.

Food Safety with MFWC

Not only do our climate-controlled warehouse facilities and practices meet AIB International certification standards for bakery and related food goods, but MFWC also meets USDA standards and utilizes HACCP procedures. Food safety and security is the key focus of all our storage services from the moment your goods are put into our TALLYworks WMS inventory records to the second they reach our storage facilities, and finally, to the time they leave us and arrive at their next location.

As a food storage provider, MFWC understands how critical a role the storing process can play in supporting food safety or in becoming a detriment to the health and well-being of global consumers. Not only is it our responsibility to offer trusted, high-quality food storage services with reliable facilities and procedures, but also, we believe it’s our immediate and long-term duty to continue meeting approved GFSI standards as they evolve and improve over time.

The 2019 GFSI Conference provided a big-picture view of global food safety, but the principles outlined are something we can apply to more local food safety in Austin, MN, in addition to across the world.

To learn more about our commitment and methodology in meeting GFSI principles and international food safety standards, email MFWC at info@mfwc-cold.com or contact us at (507) 373-1477 for more information about our services and facilities today.


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