Protecting the Cold Chain with Reliable 3PL Partnerships

Since January of 2020, the circumstances of the world have proven just how important it is to protect and support the global food chain and worldwide food safety practices. While non-essential business operations have shut down temporarily in many areas of the world, the necessity of food and pharmaceutical supplies increases as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. To promote the positive transportation of food and supplies while maintaining an effective cold chain and food safety standards, quality climate-controlled warehouse storage and transit providers are key.

At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, we provide comprehensive climate-controlled warehousing for food, pharmaceuticals, and other products requiring stable conditions. In addition to quality product storage, our 3PL Partnerships in Austin, MN allow us to perform export and import services with trusted freight and rail transportation providers. With reliable 3PL partners, we’re able to track your goods before and after they’re stored in our facilities.

3PL (third party logistics) providers work with MFWC to organize and provide key information between our storage facilities and export/import services. These partnerships work to streamline our supply chain and improve efficiencies in the protection of food safety.

The many benefits of our 3PL Partnerships for us and our customers include:

  • Increased Speed: Our work with 3PL providers allows us to more quickly pack and ship products from processors-to-us or from us-to-distributors. Speed is a critical component of cold-chain protection. The faster we can ship products, the less risk of exposure they have to failed transit climate conditions, contamination, and many other obstacles. Increased shipping speed also allows distributors to restock more frequently and supply communities with the food products and medicines they need.
  • Improved Expertise: 3PL partners have the skill sets, tools, and knowledge they need to offer the best expertise for organizing large-scale, complex shipments with varying degrees of exacting requirements. From software systems to inventorying databases, 3PL partners can dedicate time and energy to developing the expertise they need for unparalleled service.
  • Saved Costs: Because 3PL partners have the expertise to improve the quality and speed of the supply chain, all parties involved can save cost of labor, time, troubleshooting, and much more. Our trusted 3PL Partnerships save MFWC and our customers a worthy chuck of the budget each year.
  • Expanded Handling: Thanks to improvements in all aspects of the supply chain that 3PL partners can offer, MFWC is able to expand handling rates and increase the volume of goods we can import and export daily. Especially in times like these, a reliable large-scale volume of import and export to global communities is an important part of the food industry as a whole.

Without the support of our 3PL Partnerships in Austin, MN, our customers and distributors would have access to a very different level of service and quality of transit. To learn more about the benefits our 3PL partners offer, contact MFWC today at (507) 373-1477 or


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