Bettering the MFWC Process With 3PL Partnerships in Albert Lea, MN

As a local and global company, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company strives to protect the safety of our communities and our customers worldwide. We manage over 100,000 orders each year, moving more than 35,000 truckloads and over 15,000,000 pounds by rail. Our large-scale temperature-controlled shipping and cold storage services demand a smoothly operating network at all stages. To meet industry standards of food safety, worker safety, hygiene, and sanitation, MFWC supports the use of third-party logistics (3PL). With the help of our 3PL partnerships in Albert Lea, MN, MFWC is able to support climate-controlled storage for accounts ranging from local farm co-ops to Fortune 500 companies.

There are many aspects of MFWC temperature-controlled storage that are handled within the company by our own community workers and with our family-owned approach to business. Our two warehouse locations in Southern Minnesota managed with the hard work of our expert local leaders and trained team members. However, because we ship worldwide and handle large-scale orders, our management teams also benefit daily from our 3PL partnerships.

3PL companies and MFWC work together to better our shipping, storage, and services in many ways, including:

Product Quality: First and foremost, our 3PL partnerships are the key to maintaining product quality throughout the shipping and delivery process. Inspection of goods from the minute they ship to when they arrive is constant and helped along by 3PL partners at each step. MFWC also partners with Agility Recovery for backup power and insurance to ensure that temperature standards will be met throughout shipping in the case of transport or electrical damage.

Traceability: MFWC services are supported by the use of Tallyworks WMS, which provides comprehensive records of the movement of your products, including accurate minute-by-minute traceability. This includes online access to each customer’s inventory, EDI customer interface, RF scanning, and bar code data collection.

Customer Service: With the help of the traceability and recording Tallyworks provides and continued communication between MFWC teams, 3PL partners, and customers throughout each stage of the shipping, storing, and delivery process, we’re able to provide the highest level of customer service. As a customer-focused company, we strive to meet the demands and protect the interest of our customers at each second of our services.

Time: Altogether, the customer service and communication between MFWC, 3PL partners, and our clients, along with traceability and quality control of products, offers a streamlined time-efficient process.

Without the help of our 3PL partnerships in Albert Lea, MN, MFWC teams wouldn’t be able to continue providing large-scale, high-quality service to our communities and worldwide. For more information about our services in temperature-controlled storage, contact us at (844) 373-1477 today.


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