At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, We Keep Your Beef Products MOO-ving by Providing Frozen Food Storage- Freezing, Storing, and Transporting Quickly and Safely

It’s no joke. When you are a beef producer, you need to keep a MOOve on your products to reduce the risk of contamination and ensure the meat is safe for the consumer. No one wants to take the risk of Salmonella, E. coli, or other illnesses or fatalities. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in Austin and Albert Lea, Minnesota have the capacity to properly freeze, store, and transport your products to their next destination without you having to worry about things such as unsuitable temperatures and bacteria.

 Beef and pork products can often times be tricky in the process of going from the farm to the supermarket. Proper frozen food storage and temperatures are of the utmost importance in keeping meat products free of bacteria and other food-borne illnesses. Securing a place to store your products without worry is also a tricky task as well as transportation of raw foods and meats, thereby making it necessary to have freezer storage, blast freezing, accelerated defrost services, and pork certification. 

Both facilities of Minnesota Freezer Warehouse are inspected for storage cleanliness and food safety by the USDA as well as the American Institute of Baking (AIB) for annual third party audits to ensure your perishables are being properly stored. We all know that proper storage of meat is one of the most important factors in minimizing the risk of illnesses caused by food-borne bacteria. That’s why it is important to keep a MOOve on your beef and pork products so there is no delay in rapid freezing.

Minnesota Freezer Warehouse is a full service refrigerated and frozen warehouse dedicated to providing solutions to meet your needs. Our mission and goal is to take care of your freezing and refrigeration needs of perishables from coast to coast without any worry on your part.  Contact Randy Skophammer, Director of Business Development at 507-437-1982 on ways we can service your needs.

At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse, we stand ready to keep your beef (and pork) products MOOving to eliminate the potential for food-borne illness or bacteria by being a trusted partner in the cold chain!


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