What Industries Rely On Commercial Cold Storage?

Commercial cold storage is an absolute necessity in the modern supply chain. It plays an integral role in a vast array of industries, many of which would collapse completely if climate controlled warehouses like ours didn’t exist. At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, we specialize in providing cold storage services to several different food-based industries, including:  […]

Customer Service at MFWC

At MFWC, we strive to provide the best cold storage services possible. There are a lot of elements that go into achieving this goal, all of them important. One such element is a strong focus on customer service.  MFWC has always been a customer oriented company. Since our founding in 1915, we have believed in […]

Cold Chain Logistics: The Basics

Cold chain logistics is the process of getting temperature controlled products from one place to another without being damaged or kept outside of customer temperature specifications. While this may sound rather simple, it’s actually very involved. At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC), we are ready and able to handle all of your logistics needs. Read […]

Why Does Freezing Preserve Food?

In the last century, climate controlled warehouses like ours have become increasingly important thanks to the rise of the frozen food industry. Without organizations like Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, consumers would have access to only a fraction of the food products currently available in any given grocery store. Frozen storage has greatly increased the food […]

How Cold is Cold Storage: Warehouse Temperature Breakdown

The term “cold storage” is often used loosely in reference to climate controlled warehouses. This can make things slightly confusing for companies looking for a facility that can cater to their specific temperature requirements. Are you in need of some cold storage clarity? Here’s a handy guide to temperature breakdowns in climate controlled warehouses. Freezer: […]


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