Chill Out with Blast Freezing for Your Food at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse in the Upper Midwest

“Chill Out” is a common phrase used today. It means just relax, take it easy, and have a good time, and is also oftentimes shortened to “Chill.” However, “Chill out” or “Chill” can also relate to refrigerated and freezer warehouses. Blast freezing is a great way to “Chill” and has many benefits for food safety. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in the Upper Midwest provides blast freezing for your food storage needs.

The benefits of blast freezing are many for food safety:

  1. Provides bacterial protection and control of bacteria in foods. Certain foods, such as meat, poultry, and fish, can all form large amounts of bacteria, such as E. coli and Salmonella. Blast freezing and proper cooking destroys any bacteria
  2. Preserves nutrients. Blast freezing has been known to preserve the nutrients in foods because of the quick-freezing process which stops nutrient deterioration
  3. Minimizes waste. Blast freezing allows you to quickly freeze food products so no bacteria forms, no nutrients are lost, and there is no waste. Butchers, in particular, benefit from blast freezing, although others such as retailers, bakers, and even pharmaceutical companies benefit as well.

Preserving food from nutrient loss and protecting from bacteria are important factors in maintaining freshness and safety. Improving the health of today’s population is even more important. Transporting produce and foods to other areas can be a tricky task, and blast freezing helps to minimize the risk of bacterial growth.

If you’re looking for a refrigerated or freezer warehouse in the Upper Midwest that offers blast freezing, contact Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company. Our Austin and Albert Lea, MN facilities stand ready to assist you with your temperature controlled food storage needs, and our professional staff has the knowledge, expertise, technology, metrics, and innovation to provide you with the best solutions available, especially blast freezing. Chill out with blast freezing for your frozen food storage needs by calling Randy Skophammer at (844) 373-1477 or visiting us online at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse.


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