Cold Chain Logistics: The Basics

Cold chain logistics is the process of getting temperature controlled products from one place to another without being damaged or kept outside of customer temperature specifications. While this may sound rather simple, it’s actually very involved. At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC), we are ready and able to handle all of your logistics needs. Read on to learn about some of the important elements involved in cold chain logistics.


The first step in ensuring a safe journey through the cold chain is proper packaging. Products must be packaged in containers that can provide a safe, protective environment while preventing damage during the shipping and storing processes.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is an extremely important element of cold chain logistics. Items that are part of a cold chain need to be monitored constantly and kept at the proper temperature to ensure that they reach their final destination in excellent condition.

Cold Chain Storage

A cold chain logistics company must also be able to provide climate controlled storage to keep items from going off condition due to incorrect temperature exposure between supply chain stages. MFWC’s climate controlled warehouse facilities are perfect for handling cold chain logistics. Our capabilities include freezer storage, cooler storage, and dry food storage. We also have blast freezing capabilities. No matter what storage temperature your product requires, we are equipped to help.

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