Protecting Facilities and Equipment for Long-term Cold Food Storage

As a family-owned, customer-focused food storage company, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC) has values that we take to heart with hard work and dedication year-round. Our company core values are founded in our strong belief that everyone should have access to quality, nutritious, and fresh food across the globe. We work to protect the cold chain that keeps so many different products in our warehouses at optimal temperatures from the moment they are processed and sent to our loading docks to the time they are stocked on market shelves. To maintain our quality-control practices for comprehensive cold food storage in Albert Lea, MN, MFWC must protect our team of excellent employees, and maintain our own facilities and equipment with a strong and tested maintenance program.

Constant exposure to freezing and refrigerated temperatures can put our employees and facilities in danger if proper precautions aren’t set in place.

Applications of Protection

  1. Worker Safety: No matter what is required to protect them, our employees and their safety come first. Our facilities meet OSHA and MN SHARP standards for workplace safety and comfort. Also, all of our employees are provided with the necessary equipment and work schedule to protect them from extended exposure to cold storage temperatures.
  2. Food Safety: As a cold food storage warehouse, we’re a responsible part of the cold chain and food storage/worldwide transit. Because of this, food safety is another one of our primary concerns. We take strict measures to diagnose climate control systems, protect against power outages, regulate varying humidity and temperature changes, store loads intelligently, schedule timely import and export, and keep detailed and to-the-minute inventory records. 
  3. Longevity: Long-term exposure to cold storage temperatures can degrade equipment quality much more quickly than the typical working temperature of a typical storage warehouse. To prevent preliminary damages to our facilities and equipment from exposure to freezing moisture and cold climates, our warehouse technicians follow a regularly planned preventative maintenance schedule. The additional implementation of predictive maintenance technologies, and reactive maintenance when needed, also improves the longevity of our facilities as a whole.
  4. New Equipment: Our maintenance team is a crew of skilled, knowledgeable individuals, and we outsource for repair work when needed. Despite all our care, we understand that sometimes there’s an unavoidable need for new equipment, and we also recognize there is sometimes a need for upgrades to technologies or new types of equipment to integrate. To protect our facilities, our workers, and the goods of our customers, MFWC always implements new equipment when needed.

For more information about how we protect the longevity and quality of your products as well as our own facilities and workers, contact MFWC at (507) 373-1477 or email us at to learn about our own cold food storage in Albert Lea, MN.


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