Cross Docking Benefits for Cold Storage in the Upper Midwest

At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC), we handle goods traveling from coast to coast and from border to border. Because the food products and other goods we import and export are distributed to communities worldwide, we understand the importance of meeting international food safety standards and continually improving our practices as a climate-controlled storage provider. One service our clients benefit from is our capabilities as a cross docking warehouse. Cross docking allows us to move products from one freight or rail transit to another with little-to-no storage time. If you are transporting goods that require dry, frozen, or cold storage, our warehouse technicians can quickly and efficiently handle those products with our cross docking systems or maintain longer storage when needed. For cold storage in the Upper Midwest, MFWC has the expertise, facilities, and operational capacity you need.

There are multiple benefits to implementing a cross docking system in a cold storage warehouse. Some of the primary advantages to cross docking services include:

  1. Streamline the supply chain: Because a cross dock system quickly processes imported products with little hold time, it significantly simplifies and streamlines the supply chain. We cross dock goods on containers, rail cars, mixed freight, overweight trucks, intermodal transport, and loads from multiple vendors. We also cross dock temperature-sensitive goods and products that arrive late or early.
  1. Minimize costs: Because cross docking processes goods faster than other storage times, it minimizes costs of labor and storage. Cross docking can eliminate long-term storage and save other resources like valued employee time.
  1. Improve data keeping: With MFWC cross docking services, digital inventory records are kept with to-the-minute updates and barcoding systems. Our inventory systems utilize computerized management solutions and EDI capabilities. With quick turn-around for cross docking, we can help improve customer’s data keeping practices.
  1. Reduce storage time: The process of cross docking reduces storage time because goods are taken from freight or rail import and put onto the first available export transportation. Typically, this is within days, but it can be done almost immediately if the right transit is available.
  1. Increase production: Cross docking speeds up the shipping process. With minimized storage times and quick turnaround, MFWC customers can increase their own production, expand their client base, and distribute their goods to more and more communities.

Cross docking is a warehousing system that fixes issues in the shipping process, streamlines processing of import and export, minimizes storage time, and reduces delivery lead times.

To learn more about the benefits of cross docking and our services for cold storage in the Upper Midwest, contact MFWC today at (507) 373-1477 or


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