Cold Storage in the Upper Midwest

There are a number of different reasons to invest in cold storage for your food products in the Upper Midwest. Rather than worrying if your team is successfully following all of the rules and regulations necessary to keep your products in proper cold storage, why not hire the experts at Midwest Freezer Warehouse Company?

At MFWC, we have years of experience in preserving food both safely and securely with our climate-controlled custom storage warehousing. Here are just a few of the many benefits we can offer your company:


First and foremost, our company is trustworthy. We have years of experience working with clients to ensure that they receive high-quality and honest care. We understand all of the federal regulations necessary to preserve your food while it is in cold storage and will collaborate with you to make sure we understand what you are looking to store all throughout the year!

Cold Storage

Our team works day and night to ensure that the temperatures within our storage facilities are consistent. There is no need to worry about fluctuations or changes that could potentially damage your dairy products or negatively impact the quality of your meat or poultry. Our team has years of experience keeping our products at a consistent temperature and ensuring that they’re safe.


By using our company to store your cold storage items, you are giving yourself peace of mind. Because we are secure and consistent, you can go about the rest of your business without concern for your cold storage products. We have it covered and are here to answer any questions you may have!

If you are looking for storage options in the Upper Midwest, the team at Midwest Freezer Warehouse Company is here for you. With our years of experience offering secure and consistent storage, we are the experts when it comes to providing outstanding services and peace of mind for our clients.

Contact us today at (507) 373-4477, toll-free at (844) 373-4477, by email, or visit us at our website. Let our professionals work with you to fulfill your cold storage needs and ensure your products receive the best climate-controlled solutions they deserve!


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