Cold Storage Options

Albert Lea, MN, cold storage options can be difficult to find, yet they are important to local restaurants or other businesses that need to keep foods cold. Many local businesses don’t have the storage on site necessary to keep their items safe for consumption. Where in Albert Lea, MN, can you find storage warehouses? Turn to Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC) for the following reasons.

Having the right cold storage options is critical for many businesses.

Many local businesses buy food and other consumables in bulk to keep their costs down by purchasing in bulk. But many of these local businesses don’t have the storage options on site to keep everything at safe temperatures. Maintaining the temperature of stored items is required to ensure that customers who consume the food remain safe and healthy. But how do you know your products are being stored correctly?

U.S. Department of Agriculture

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides standards for cold storage to ensure the food is safe for consumption. If the storage unit gets above 40°C for too long, the food kept inside cannot be used and will need to be thrown away. Using a temperature-controlled unit that not only keeps the temperature at the right setting, but can also monitor and alarm if it goes outside the range is critical.

Professional cold storage warehouses are the best place to turn.

MFWC in Albert Lea, MN, is the best place in southern Minnesota for cold storage options. Our warehouse is centrally located so it creates easy access to all of the items stored on site. The storage units have temperature monitoring systems that run all day, every day of the year. If the temperature drops, or skyrockets, we know about it and can get the issue fixed.

Knowing that your food and other cold items are in safe hands is important to keeping your business running. Trusting MFWC will be the best decision you make for all our cold storage needs.

Contact MFWC today for all your cold storage needs in the Albert Lea, MN, area.


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