What is a Cold Storage Warehouse?

If you have ever picked up some fresh produce or a frozen pizza from your local supermarket, you have reaped the benefits of a cold storage warehouse. Perishable foods that require freezing or refrigeration would never make it into the hands of most consumers if it weren’t for cold storage warehouses. Though many people outside of the food industry rarely spare a thought for them, they are absolutely integral to the food supply chain.

cold storeage

As the name suggests, a cold storage warehouse is a climate controlled building where temperature sensitive products can be stored in order to stay fresh. In most cold storage warehouses, different storage facilities within can be environmentally adjusted to suit a specific product.

This capacity for multi-temperature storage is a key feature for cold storage warehouses, on account of the fact that every product has its own ideal storage temperature. For best results, cheese should be stored at a different temperature from apples, which should be stored at a different temperature from ice cream, and so on and so forth.

Temperature Controlled

In addition to providing food manufacturers with temperature controlled storage for their products, companies that offer commercial cold storage typically play a large role in temperature controlled transportation, as well.

Cold Storage Warehouse

Cold storage warehouse companies often own and operate vehicles with storage areas that can be adjusted to have the correct environmental conditions for hauling temperature sensitive products to new locations without risking spoilage. As a result, many manufacturers in the frozen and refrigerated food industry rely on cold storage companies to handle their cold chain logistics.

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