Don’t Struggle with Proper Refrigerated, Frozen, or Dry Food Storage. Contact Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in the Upper Midwest

Finding proper storage for food in your pantry is often times a struggle. Imagine a retailer or grocer who needs to find a warehouse to store the foods you put on your table. This can be a real challenge. In the Upper Midwest, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse (MFWC) provides warehouse storage for refrigerated, frozen, and dry food.  Finding the proper storage for your goods can be difficult. You want to be certain that your product is temperature controlled for refrigerated, frozen, and even dry foods.

Refrigerated food storage is a bit riskier as the environment must be temperature controlled at all times so it doesn’t get too cold or too warm. Also, certain items must be kept segregated to avoid cross contamination such as odors and gases. This is where the knowledge of the product becomes critical in maintaining the quality of the product. At MFWC our warehouse staff goes through annual food safety training programs; reviewing storage practices, product characteristics, and customer requirements. Your brand deserves to be cared by and stored by knowledgeable people.

Frozen food storage for items such as meat, fish, poultry, and certain fruits and vegetables is a sort of a balancing act. Some foods may require a rapid or blast freeze, while others don’t. Whatever the case, once frozen, it’s imperative that the warehouse remains at a constant temperature.  Fluctuations in temperature can create stress on the products which can deteriorate the quality of the products. At MFWC our maintenance staff goes through continuing education programs to maintain the refrigeration equipment, emergency response training to minimize dangerous exposures, and conservation programs to find ways to work with less energy and materials. Again, your brand deserves to be maintained to the highest level during storage and transportation.

If you’re in need of refrigerated, frozen, or dry food storage in a large capacity in the Upper Midwest, contact MFWC. Our locations in Albert Lea and Austin, MN, stand ready to assist you with all of your temperature-controlled food storage needs. At MFWC we understand your brand is special, and we understand our reputation is on the line as a service provider to your brand.  Our use of technology, commitment to excellence, and our knowledgeable and professional staff, help provide reliable and effective solutions to the frozen, refrigerated, and dry food industries. Contact us today by calling Randy Skophammer (507) 437-1982, or visiting the Minnesota Freezer Warehouse website to see if we can help you with your logistics struggles.


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