Frozen Storage in the Upper Midwest

Even though the ice and snow have melted in the Upper Midwest, it’s important to make sure that some things continue to stay frozen! If you have frozen storage needs this summer season, look no further than the team at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company. We offer a wide variety of services for a wide variety of purposes.

Extending Shelf Life

Frozen storage is a great way to make all kinds of perishable foods last longer, including meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruit. Although these items tend to expire rather quickly in the summer months when left on a counter or in a refrigerator, they are guaranteed to last longer and taste better when properly frozen.

Frozen Storage for Local Agriculture

Freezing perishable materials can be very helpful for local agriculture, especially for feeding and supporting livestock. In the winter months, livestock often rely on food that was frozen during the harvest season in order to stay strong and healthy throughout every season.  

Facilitating Local Fisheries

In addition to freezing local produce, proper storage is a great option for local fisheries. Fresh-caught fish is best when either eaten or frozen as quickly as possible, and working with a professional team to ensure proper freezing and storage is a great way to ensure delicious protein throughout the year.

Frozen Storage Strengthen Food Security

Proper storage is very important for maintaining food security across the Upper Midwest throughout the coldest and most challenging seasons. Frozen storage is extremely helpful in ensuring access to a variety of different food options throughout the year and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Frozen storage in the Upper Midwest is a valuable resource for a variety of important reasons, including extending shelf life, supporting Midwest agriculture, facilitating local fisheries, and strengthening food security. If you are looking for professional assistance when it comes to cold storage in the upper Midwest, contact the team at Midwest Freezer Warehouse Company today at (507) 373-1477 or toll-free at (844) 373-1477


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