GMPS: What It Is and How We Do It for Warehouse Storage in the Upper Midwest

When it comes to maintaining food safety in the U.S., the FDA and other regulatory organizations are vigilant in overseeing all aspects of the production process from the farm to the home refrigerator. Food storage and transportation are critical parts of this process, and without the strict regulations placed on commercial, transportation, and residential food storage equipment and practices, food safety across the country would be compromised. At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, we believe that everyone should have access to safe foods that are nutritious and delicious. That’s why we use Good Manufacturing Practice Systems (GMPS) with our climate-controlled warehouse storage in the Upper Midwest.

MFWC is committed to providing the best quality warehouse storage for frozen, refrigerated, and dry foods, and the right certifications help us prove to clients and consumers that we follow through on that promise every day. Our warehouse facilities are inspected regularly by the USDA, and our GMPS is certified annually by AIB International.

Having a certified GMPS is great, but let’s talk about what that really means.

Good Manufacturing Practice System

 The regulations for GMPS in the food and drug industry have been developed and redeveloped since the industrial revolution drastically changed food production and distribution in the U.S. Today, the FDA oversees regulations for food and drug GMPS.

Because MFWC utilizes a certified GMPS, you can trust us to protect your food products as they travel from field and pasture to our storage warehouses to grocery shelves. Our certified GMPS provides structure to our staff and management for food storage, inventory, and climate-control in dry storage, freezer and refrigerator warehouses.

This ensures your goods are safeguarded from issues caused by a lack of any facet of the food transportation and storage process including:

  • cross-contamination from lack of hygiene, allergens, or proximity to other food products
  • poor temperature control leading to food spoilage
  • loss of power leading to poor climate control
  • lost or damaged goods due to poor inventory and recording systems
  • inaccurate information about storage history due to poor documentation practices
  • compromised worker safety due to poor working conditions or lack of attention
  • poor customer service due to lack of communication between departments and clients
  • overall losses in time, money, and goods

With MFWC you can rest easy with the knowledge that our GMPS prevents these negative events from occurring and protects your goods, even in the face of disaster. You can also trust us to continue strengthening our GMPS to meet customer demands and keep developing this system in accordance with changing technologies, practices, and regulations.

To learn more about our GMPS, food safety practices, and climate-controlled warehouse storage in the Upper Midwest, contact MFWC at (844) 373-1477 or send in your questions today.


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