How Do Cold Storage Warehouses Work?

If you are a curious consumer or a newcomer to the refrigerated and frozen food industry, you may be wondering how temperature sensitive products make their way from their point of origin to a consumer’s plate without spoiling. The answer can be found in the cold storage warehouse.

What is a Cold Storage Warehouse?

Before we can cover the ins and outs of how a cold storage warehouse works, we need to take a moment to define what a cold storage warehouse actually is.

“Cold storage warehouse” is a relatively broad term that can be applied to an entire category of facilities with differing characteristics. However, every facility that can be labeled a cold storage warehouse shares the same basic function: preserving a product’s integrity through careful temperature control.

Cold storage warehouses are buildings where very specific environmental conditions are maintained in order to keep products that need to be frozen or refrigerated from spoiling before making it to market shelves.

Multi-Temperature Storage

A popsicle and a pork loin cannot be stored at the same temperature without the quality of one or both products suffering. Cold storage companies are aware of this fact, and address it by utilizing multi-temperature storage. Most commercial cold storage warehouses are equipped with refrigeration units that can be adjusted to store a commodity at its own ideal temperature.

Cold Chain Logistics

The best cold storage warehouses offer more than just space to keep inventory. At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, we provide cold chain solutions in addition to climate controlled storage. We use temperature controlled vehicles to help our customers move products from the factory to the warehouse to the grocery store without allowing anything to spoil.

Cold storage companies like MFWC function by providing manufacturers with climate controlled transportation and storage facilities for their frozen and refrigerated food products. If you are looking for high-quality cold storage warehouse services in Minnesota, give us a call at (507) 373-1477 or send an email to


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