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As the population of the world expands, the food industry has to keep up with the growing demands of a hungry planet. In the U.S., our system of fresh food production, transportation, and storage is rivaled by few others. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company is proud to play its part in supporting the USA food industry with high quality industrial refrigerated storage, dry storage, and freezer storage in Austin, MN.

For a significant chunk of American history, MFWC has worked to provide reliable storage for the food products our country consumes. Today, our climate-controlled warehouses provide state-of-the-art facilities to keep foods fresh, safe, and healthy from the farm to your grocery store shelves.

While every aspect of our industrial, climate-controlled food storage is key in keeping foods at high quality, our freezer storage facilities play a large role in the storage of fresh food year-round. Not only does freezer storage keep foods fresh during transportation, it also sustains a wide variety of nutrients and flavors with little-to-no compromise of quality, and it offers food items to consumers that might be otherwise unavailable without freezing.

Fruits and Vegetables

Our freezer warehouses store a diverse selection of frozen fruits and vegetables. From the standard peas, beans, and legumes that provide nutritious plant proteins to exotic fruits perfect for cold and hot uses, our freezer storage offers a safe and wide variety of home-grown and imported nutrition and flavor.

Seafood and Meats

Most meats and seafoods in uncured forms will quickly lose nutritional value and consumption safety, and they’re difficult to transport and store, even at refrigeration temperatures. Freezer storage plays a critical role in allowing meat and seafood products to continue as a major part of American diets while keeping fresh flavors and textures without the dangers of food spoiling.

Frozen Desserts

Common contenders for frozen dessert products include ice cream, sorbet, gelato, and sherbet, as well as the novelty products based on these treats. While these products make up a large portion of the desserts made possible for commercial purchase with freezer storage, there are hundreds of other frozen dessert items that also rely on industrial freezer warehouses. From frozen pastry dough to complete pies and cakes, desserts from around the world can be transported and stored in industrial freezers.

Bread Products

Like vegetables, fruits, and meat, bread producs can spoil easily during transportation and storage. While today’s bread products are stabilized for longer storage with added preservatives, there’s a limit to their shelf life. With freezer storage, even preservative-free bread can be kept for three times longer than processed white breads on the shelf.

In many American homes, freezer storage also supports specialty products like frozen dinners and frozen juices. With industrial freezer storage, every household can enjoy a range of flavorful, nutritious foods all year. For more information about our industrial freezer storage in Austin, MN, contact MFWC at (844) 373-1477 today.


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