Keeping Cold Storage at the Right Temperature During the Peak of Summer

During the peak of summer heat, cold storage warehouses across the country review the impact of maintaining climate-controlled temperatures during the hottest months of the year. As a cold storage provider in the Midwest, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company understands the demands a hot summer puts on a warehouse that sees cooler temperatures throughout most of the year. We take data gathered yearly that outlines the energy we spent during the warmest months and find ways to save power and conserve resources more efficiently. Effective energy use during the summer is just part of what makes us a high-quality provider of cold storage in Albert Lea, MN year-round.

Temperatures in Minnesota during the summer can reach up to triple digits, despite the cold contrast in weather during the winter months. The Midwest is notorious for dramatically different seasons, and we face frequently changing policies that cope with heat, cold, and other aspects of our yearly weather.

One of the largest issues we work through as a cold storage provider is the spike in energy used during the hot summer months. Because of climate change and energy limitations, it’s more important than ever to focus on conservation and efficiency. To protect our clients’ products, support food safety standards, and improve energy efficiency, MFWC is dedicated to monitorization, advancement, and partnerships.

Monitoring: We track data year-round covering our energy usage and warehouse capacities, but we especially focus on how we work through the summer and what concerns energy use during hot months pose. By monitoring this data and processing where we are lacking in efficiency, we can pinpoint how to improve as a whole.

Advancing: Data gathered in the monitoring process allows us to understand where we absolutely need the power used and where we can limit energy resources. Advancing our warehouse systems and supporting conservation of electricity, gas, and other energy sources helps us continue to be more and more environmentally friendly.

Partnering: Our partnerships with trusted 3PL providers and energy support systems like Agility Recovery help us maintain stable climate conditions during transit and storage. Preventing spikes due to outage recovery and unreliable transport lanes helps us maintain a balanced energy usage. Power loss and the following recovery places a heavy drain on energy sources and puts product quality and food safety at risk. With MFWC, you can trust our backup systems to react quickly and effectively against power loss.

We strive to support energy conservation without compromising the quality of our storage facilities or the safety of our clients’ products. To learn more about our services and warehouse cold storage in Albert Lea, MN, contact Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company today at (507) 373-1477 or


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