Leave the Worries of Meat and Poultry Freezing Overflow to Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in Albert Lea, Minnesota

What’s a meat locker or commercial meat slaughtering plant to do if they don’t have enough space to store the large amount of meat or poultry that goes through the plant each and every day? Consider a freezer warehouse such as Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in Albert Lea, Minnesota, for your overflow of meat and poultry products.


If freezing and storing meat and poultry from your commercial business is an issue, you can overcome this hurdle with a little thought and preparation. Freezing is a way of preventing the growth of bacteria in food and making it safe to consume. As a commercial meat packing plant, you know the importance of the safety and quality of the food you prepare. That’s why rapid freezing is important to preserve the quality of the food while finding the perfect balance to prevent waste. Rapid freezing is a tough job, making it imperative to follow the proper steps to maintain safety and eliminate the risk of foodborne illnesses such as E. coli and other bacteria.


We provide services such as blast and room freezing, cooler storage, refrigerated storage, and accelerated defrost services so you can leave the worries to us. We offer 24/7 monitoring to ensure that your meat is always at the right temperature. We follow our safety steps in freezing meat and poultry properly.


At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse in Albert Lea, Minnesota, we are USDA inspected and strive to keep our facilities clean, safe, and free of bacteria. We are a full service public freezer warehouse dedicated to providing services to meet your needs. If you’ve found yourself in need of additional freezer storage for your commercial meat locker or commercial meat or poultry slaughtering plant, look no further than Minnesota Freezer Warehouse in Albert Lea. Our trained professional staff members are available at our two locations in Albert Lea and Austin, Minnesota and are committed to the safekeeping of all meat and poultry that comes our way. Contact our Minnesota Freezer Warehouse office in Albert Lea, Minnesota, by calling (844) 373-1477 or by visiting our website at www.mfwc-cold.com.



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