Maintaining Food Safety in Albert Lea, MN, for Global and Local Markets Equally

At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC), we trace our beginnings back to 1915 when the Newell family began working with the dairy and produce industry as a storage provider. Since then, we’ve worked with hundreds of customers from local farm cooperatives to Fortune 500 companies. We are committed to all of our customers, big or small, in promoting the continued improvement of food safety practices and playing our own part in global food safety as a climate-controlled food storage provider. In our dedication to upholding quality food storage values and worldwide standards for food safety in Albert Lea, MN, and across the country, MFWC maintains best practices for warehouse facilities and excellence in service for all our customers.


Working with such a wide range of food providers can pose some challenges when it comes to accommodating the needs of each customer and making every service affordable and reliable. Fortunately, MFWC is blessed with our team of hardworking warehouse employees, project managers, customer service providers, and other outstanding employees. We are happy to say that our team rises to the occasion whenever a challenge is presented, and all our employees play a vital part in maintaining food safety.

Services and Benefits

Because we work with local farmers as well as Fortune 500 players in the food industry, we have to negotiate through the various ways we can effectively provide food storage services that maintain food safety for all types of customers. While there are nuances among the services we provide to clients with varying storage, record keeping, and transport needs, all our customers can equally benefit from:

  1. Highly accurate, to-the-minute, inventory records with digital data storage, EDI interface, RF scanning, and barcode collection with TALLYworks warehouse management systems
  2. Fail-safe backup power supplies with Agility Recovery industrial-grade generators that provide automatic support in the event of a power loss, so the exact temperature and climate needed to maintain food-safe environments is never compromised
  3. Extensive pallet positions between both our facilities, adding up to more than 39,000 slots
  4. Organic certified freezer, refrigerator, and dry storage facilities
  5. Certification for storing pork and pork products
  6. HACCP procedures approved through the USDA and AIB International
  7. Extensive simultaneous truck and rail-loading capabilities
  8. Over 5 million cubic feet in storage space between our two warehouse facilities
  9. Excellent warehouse locations for multidirectional freight shipping lanes and railways, cross docking, export services, and complete packaging and labeling services

In addition to these services and benefits that all our customers receive when they partner with MFWC for climate-controlled warehouse storage, many more perks come with our facilities, our team’s friendliness, and our dedication as a company to maintaining best practices for food safety in Albert Lea, MN. To learn more about our services and what we provide local and global customers in terms of food storage supporting worldwide food safety, contact Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company at (507) 373-1477 today.


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