Maintaining Freshness of Food from Farm to Table With the Help of Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in the Upper Midwest

Ever wonder about how the food we eat to sustain ourselves actually gets to the store? Or, how many stops are made from the farm to the table? Several steps and stops do take place including a stop to the food storage warehouse to ensure your food is temperature-controlled, packaged properly, and stored appropriately.

Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in the Upper Midwest plays a huge role in ensuring your food is properly packaged and stored in a temperature-controlled environment so you can achieve freshness from farm to table.

Food warehousing typically consists of three types: cold or frozen storage, chilled or refrigerated storage, or dry storage, all of which have special requirements to keep the food safe and sanitary. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety guidelines are in place and must be followed. This includes regular inspections of the warehouse.

The top six steps involved in food storage warehousing include:

  1. Food warehouse options. Whether you have the need for dry food storage, chilled, or frozen, the warehousing team knows the guidelines for each particular type.
  2. Dock and loading systems. Each food product goes through a dock and loading system.
  3. Sanitation. Food warehouses must be cleaned and sanitized with documentation of such services at all times. Employees must also practice personal hygiene.
  4. Lot traceability. All food items are dated when they arrive at the warehouse. Documentation is a necessity to ensure any food items follow the first-in, first-out method to follow expiration dates.
  5. Room temperature. Temperature control in food warehouses is an absolute must. In addition, certain foods, such as fish, need to be stored away from others because of odor and bacteria.
  6. Transportation. When your food product leaves the farm, transportation is in the works. At this point, trucks must have appropriate temperature-control to maintain food freshness and safety.

These steps play a critical role in maintaining food safety and quality from the farm to the table. If you’ve ever wondered about the process of how food gets from the farm to table, chances are a food warehouse company has been involved.

At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in the Upper Midwest, we take pride in ensuring that your food is safe and fresh. Our trained staff understands the FDA regulations in place and work hard to store food that is free of pollutants and bacteria, at the appropriate temperature, and is as fresh as the minute it left the farm. Contact us today by calling (844) 373-1477 or visiting Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company.


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