Meet Your Cold Food Storage Needs with Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in Albert Lea, Minnesota

Do you find that your refrigerated or frozen warehouse storage just isn’t enough for your entire inventory? Is your current storage a distance from your production plant? If so, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in Albert Lea, MN, can help you deal with an overflow issue.

If storage space is an issue for your food products that require refrigeration or freezing, it may be time to consider other storage options. Whatever your product may be, seasonal demands can be a real problem if you have no place to store your product properly. We all know that proper temperature is the key. For example, if your product is cheese, it‘s important to have the correct temperature from the very beginning to the very end. Proper storage of meat is also a concern because of the risk of E. coli or Salmonella. The same is true with fruits and vegetables.

Storing cold items can be a delicate balancing act to ensure nothing becomes spoiled. Some items need to be refrigerated and remain cold enough to prevent spoiling, but not too cold to freeze, while other items need to be frozen from the beginning and remain that way.

At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in Albert Lea, MN, we can store your products, whether needing refrigeration, freezing, or dry storage, in multi-temperature conditions at a reasonable price. We’ll take the burden off of you and your employees. You can entrust us for all of your storage needs as we take pride in our work and will ensure that your product is kept at the proper temperature all of the time. Our temperature monitoring system is top-of-the-line so there’s never a worry about your product going to waste.

Contact Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in Albert Lea, MN, for all of your cold food storage needs by calling (507) 373-1477, or visiting our website at We’re here to help you with an overflow storage issue or your everyday food storage needs.



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