Why Location Matters for National Warehouse Storage in the Upper Midwest

The United States is a very large country, both geographically and demographically. Because of this, it’s critical that we are able to support a national system of goods, transportation and storage, from coast to coast for a wide range of industries. When it comes to the food industry, however, supporting this system of transport and storage can be difficult because of the short shelf life of most foods. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company provides the necessary climate-controlled warehouse storage in the Upper Midwest for extended quality, nutrition, and flavor for frozen, refrigerated, and dried food goods. Our locations in Albert Lea, MN, and Austin, MN, are a critical part of our capabilities in providing food products to local communities and across the country.

For the network of shipping lanes across the United States, warehouse locations are key parts of ensuring transported goods are delivered on time with their quality maintained throughout the journey. Our climate-controlled warehouse storage facilities offer a prime location for mid- and cross-country transportation between the east and west coast as well as between the northern and southern U.S. borders.

Not only are our freezer, refrigerator, and dry storage warehouses perfect for safely storing food products from local customers and offering high quality products from farm to shelf in our own communities, they are also highly effective locations for storing food products that will reach communities all over the country.

MFWC state-of-the-art warehouse storage facilities are located in the Upper Midwest along several shipping lanes that move a wide range of products from many different food providers north, south, east, and west. Whether it’s an orange from Florida making its way to North Dakota or a frozen shrimp coming from the Pacific Northwest down to Chicago, our warehouses offer a pit-stop location with safe, efficient, storage solutions in the exact climate needed.

Our warehouse storage handles over 35,000 truckloads of high-quality food products each year. All these products are held in our clean, climate-controlled warehouse facilities for as long as needed to keep the national supply chain moving efficiently and quickly so households, restaurants, hospitals, and many other locations can have access to nutritious, delicious food products year-round.

The shelf life of food products may be the most difficult to support in a national transportation system, but with the help of MFWC and other high-quality climate-controlled warehouses in the right locations, we can feed America.

To learn more about our locations and services for climate-controlled warehouse storage in the Upper Midwest, contact Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company at (507) 373-1477 today.


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