Preventing Freezer Burn and Other Negative Cold Effects on Food with Better Freezer Warehouses in Albert Lea, MN

Since humans learned to hunt, gather, and cook food, we’ve searched for healthy, effective ways to preserve those food items. Today, we have more advanced technology for food preservation than we’ve ever had before. From freeze drying to refrigeration, our modern food storage capabilities allow us to have access to the greatest food variety, flavor, and nutrition year-round. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company strives to improve industrial climate-controlled storage practices across the country, starting with our state-of-the-art freezer warehouses in Albert Lea, MN.


MFWC offers large-scale food storage for frozen, refrigerated, and dry foods to keep what our communities put on their tables and find in their local restaurants safe from farm to shelf. We are committed to providing the best climate-controlled storage possible and supporting growth and continued improvement of food storage practices and facilities in MFWC freezer warehouses.


Our freezer, refrigerated, and dry storage warehouses handle more than 100,000 orders each year, and to meet food safety standards and provide healthy food to our communities, MFWC keeps high standards on all fronts. For example, our freezer warehouses and frozen storage policies work to offer the best quality frozen foods that are both safe to use in the kitchen and full of fresh flavors.


Some of the common problems with freezing food, even at an industrial level, can be prevented with the right attention to the storage process at every step of the way. MFWC inventories and monitors packaged foods from the minute they enter our facility to the moment they hit the grocery store shelves. With our quality control standards and highly-focused team members, MFWC can effectively prevent frozen food damage.


Our freezers and temperature-controlled facilities can eliminate several common problems associated with freezing foods. With our freezer warehouses, frozen foods are stored in optimal stasis, which means:


  • No more freezer burn from dehydration and oxidation of frozen foods at a cellular level
  • Never using improper frozen containment of delicate foods like fruits and vegetables leading to unnecessary mushiness and texture changes after defrosting
  • No more flavor changes from exposure to particles in a freezer environment
  • No more ice crystals in over-frozen desserts and prepared foods
  • No more toughened frozen meat products from moisture migration at a cellular level


Overall, MFWC freezer warehouses offer the best storage facilities and continued quality control for frozen foods from farm to shelf. We work to promote foods that meet the highest standards for nutritional value, flavor, texture, and safety with our climate-controlled storage warehouses.


For high-quality refrigeration, dry storage, and freezer warehouses in Albert Lea, MN, contact Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company at (844) 373-1477 today.




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