The Importance of Pallet Dividers in a Quality Freezer Warehouse in the Upper Midwest

In any kind of warehouse facility, numerous details that can make or break the effectiveness of storage, import, and export systems. From the organization of different products in certain areas of the warehouse to the details of inventory-tracking practices, every aspect of a successfully operating facility needs careful consideration. When it comes to a cold storage warehouse, systems are even more specialized and require more rigorous attention in order to maintain an exacting climate, temperature, and product-handling process throughout the facility. At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC), our frozen, refrigerated, and dry storage facilities provide services to customers worldwide. With our state-of-the-art freezer warehouse in the Upper Midwest, we offer a storage way station for shipments going from the East to West Coast and from the north to south borders of country.

MFWC provides cross-docking freezer warehouse services with two locations. Our warehouses total 5.35 million square feet of cold storage space with just under 40,000 pallet positions. Our facilities operate with freight and rail cross-docking, pooling, and consolidation capabilities in addition to comprehensive export services.

In facilities as large as ours, especially for a freezer warehouse, the balance between each working component of the climate control and storage systems is key. One of the most important parts of our freezer warehouses’ successful operations that may be taken for granted at times are pallet dividers.

What are pallet dividers?

Pallet dividers are simple devices that can completely change the effectiveness of a freezer warehouse system for the better. They are typically plastic, metal, or cardboard honeycomb-like sheets that separate the stacked row of products on a pallet. Dividers can also separate each product or item lot on a pallet, separate pallets that are stacked together, and separate between racking spaces. In a freezer warehouse setting, pallet dividers are one of the most important tools for short- or long-term storage, freezing processes, and moving products between storage spaces.

How do pallet dividers help?

Because pallet dividers create spaces between products, pallets, and storage spaces, they are a highly effective tool for controlling and improving the freezing/climate control process. Pallet dividers help our team at MFWC freeze products faster and with more uniformity. This is especially helpful in blast-room freezing and long-term storage. Pallet dividers also help minimize moisture exposure, which prevents freezer-burn issues, and they increase the stability of a stacked pallet. The added benefit of the pallet dividers that MFWC utilizes is they are durable, nontoxic, and easily sanitized.

Overall, pallet dividers are a no-brainer for improving the potential of a climate-controlled freezer warehouse storage system. To learn more about our services as a freezer warehouse in the Upper Midwest, contact MFWC at (507) 373-1477 or today.


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