Refrigerated Storage for Food Production Facilities at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse in Austin and Albert Lea, Minnesota

If you are a food production facility, have you ever wondered where you can store perishable foods such as vegetables, cheese, butter, and meat to keep them safe and stored at the right temperature? Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in Austin and Albert Lea, Minnesota is a point of production warehouse that provides services to food production facilities.

Food production facilities have a tough job. They must be certain that they have the proper equipment and that their facilities are clean in order to minimize accidents and reduce bacteria in the food product. Daily inspections by US Government agencies such as the FDA and USDA are a requirement and must be performed under their watchful eye. It’s also important to have an efficient layout and design to ensure that the flow of their food line is both efficient and safe.

Oftentimes, food production facilities do not have the appropriate space or the proper resources to store their own perishables. This is where a refrigerated storage or frozen warehouse comes into play. Items such as vegetables, cheese, butter, and meat require a considerable amount of knowledge to store properly at the correct temperature to prevent spoiling. For example, pork products need to be carefully handled, stored, and frozen to eliminate any E. coli risk. Vegetables need to be stored away from meats to reduce the risk of Salmonella.

A fine balance is necessary to achieve these goals. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse in Austin and Albert Lea, Minnesota have highly trained professionals who can assist you in storing your perishables at the proper temperature and in the appropriate area of the warehouse. Using the newest and latest technologies, customers have secured access to their inventories so they know their perishables are stored properly and safely. We go the extra mile for our customers because your brand matters to us.

If you are a food production facility and are in need of warehouse storage, contact Minnesota Freezer Warehouse by calling Randy Skophammer, Director of Business Development, at 507-320-5531. Our facility has been serving businesses and communities across the nation since 1915. We have the imagination, perseverance, and reliability to care for your perishables from the manufacturer to the supermarket, and ultimately, to your family’s table.


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