Refrigerated Storage in the Upper Midwest

Refrigerated storage is a great option for increasing the shelf life of your food and decreasing overall food waste in the Upper Midwest. Not only does refrigerated storage keep your food fresh, but it also helps keep you safe.

Refrigerated Storage

According to the FDA, there are some basics that are important to keep in mind when storing refrigerated goods. The following are a few important ideas that Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company would like you to keep in mind.

Move Quickly with Refrigerated Goods

Refrigerated goods or other perishables should be stored right away, in accordance with the requirements of the label. Generally, perishable food should not be left out of a cold storage facility for more than two hours, and ready-to-eat food, like lunch meat, should be consumed as soon as possible after it has been opened. Make sure to regularly check the temperature of freezers and refrigerators to make certain they’re working correctly and keeping your food safe!

Keep an eye out for visible signs of rot or mold, and remember that even if food doesn’t look spoiled or rotten, it can make you ill if stored improperly. That’s why it’s so important to pay close attention to what you have stored and follow recommended practices for washing and storing food products.

Refrigerate Wisely

That means taking care to regularly clean out the refrigerator and to keep an eye on expiration dates. There’s no need for food to rot on the shelf after it’s expired! Additionally, make sure that any food stored in a refrigerator is covered properly and safely.

For all of your professional-grade storage needs, the team at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company is here to support you in the Upper Midwest. We understand all the nuances of storing your food in order to keep it safe. If you have questions about refrigerated storage or are looking to work with us, please contact us today at (507) 373-1477 or toll-free at (844) 373-1477.


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