Foods We Might Not Have Without Refrigerated Warehousing in the Upper Midwest

In today’s world, we have access to more variety and year-round nutrition in our food than we ever have before. In the U.S., we can attribute a large amount of our food accessibility to climate-controlled containment of foods on a commercial level, including transportation and storage. Though food could be stored in the past in iceboxes, coolers, and other types of temporary refrigeration, the level of cold storage we have today was not possible. With Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, high quality commercial refrigerated warehousing in the Upper Midwest plays a large role in providing foods to our communities throughout the year.

Though our diets have not changed significantly for years, our access to new and exotic proteins, carbohydrates, and fats has increased rapidly with the development of new cold storage technology. Without the cold storage we have today, we wouldn’t have healthy, high-quality foods in our reach month-to-month.

In fact, without cold storage technology and refrigerated warehousing, we would most likely not have access to the following foods year-round:

  • Dairy: Even with the pasteurization process, dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and cream can quickly expire. The refrigeration we use today extends the life of these dairy products by up to a month. This allows homes and restaurants to use a wide range of dairy products at the highest nutrition levels available. With MFWC, you can count on our refrigerated warehousing to keep your product safe, healthy, and at high-quality from farm to shelf
  • Meats: In the past, fresh meat was a rare treat in many cultures around the world. Cured or dried meats were much more common because they could keep for much longer without spoiling. The refrigerated storage we have today gives us access to fresh meat in larger varieties and amounts at any time of year. Prepared meat products, beef, pork, poultry, and seafood are a significant part of many U.S. diets thanks to commercial and residential refrigeration
  • Vegetables and Fruits: While most fruits and vegetables can last for a long time without refrigeration, there are some kinds that depend on cold storage to keep for even just a few days. Herbs, leafy greens, lettuces, juices, berries, green onions, cucumbers, mushrooms, and many other kinds of produce rely on refrigeration to keep from spoiling

Along with the whole-food forms of these types of foods, the many prepared and processed food products found in your refrigerated grocery aisle depend on the reliable refrigerated warehousing like MFWC provides.

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