The Balancing Act of Cold Food Storage in Albert Lea and Austin, MN

Have you ever wondered the real process of getting food from the fields and farmland to your refrigerator or freezer? It’s probably not as simple as many people think, and truly is a balancing act. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in the Austin and Albert Lea, Minnesota area offers excellent services that you can be certain your frozen, refrigerated and dry food products are stored at the proper temperature, the proper way.

We all know that certain products such as yogurt, deli meats, and cheese need to be stored at the proper temperature so they do not become frozen, while on the other hand, there are items that need to be frozen without thawing. This is where the balancing act comes in. Before food products make it to our refrigerators, most likely they are stored in a warehouse facility of some sort before being shipped to grocery stores. Shipments are accomplished by cross-country transportation network of temperature controlled trucks and trains to be certain the perishables are safe and not ruined with improper temperatures and storage.

Cold storage warehouses vary in size; some are huge refrigerated units while other are small as walk-in freezer units inside a building.  Cold storage warehouse operators are experts in keeping your products safe. For example, if you are storing meat or poultry, you will need freezing capabilities; whereas, items such as cheese, yogurt, fruits and vegetables will need refrigeration capabilities. Storing dry food products, such as pet food and canned goods is also an option for storage warehouses as they are able to control and maintain the proper temperatures to give products a longer shelf life.

At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse, we understand the importance of meeting your production and distribution needs for all of your perishables. We are committed to the proper storage of perishables and make every effort to transport them in a highly efficient manner. We know the importance of making sure your food is of the highest quality with the longest shelf life. No need for you to worry, as we take care of it all. The next time you pick up your groceries at your local grocery store, try to think of the entire process of making your food look and taste great. Remember that it all started at the farm, transported to Minnesota Freezer Warehouse, then to the supermarket, and finally your kitchen fridge or freezer—a true balancing act before it hits your mouth. Give us a call today.


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