The Importance of Proper Freezing and Storage in the Food Industry

When walking through the grocery store, many customers don’t think about how the frozen food items in the freezer case got there. They have no clue what is required to get their favorite frozen food from producer to retailer. Maintaining a consistent system of proper cold storage is crucial to providing customers with the best frozen food possible. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, working hand-in-hand with major producers all over the Upper Midwest, ensures that the quality of their frozen foods is monitored and maintained throughout the entire process from production to final destination.

Freezing Factors
Just as there are numerous aspects that go into the production of a frozen food item, there are many factors that influence the proper freezing and maintenance of the frozen state of a product. A misstep in any of these can reduce the quality of the product. Just a few factors include:

• Enzyme actions
• Air
• Microorganisms
• Ice crystals
• Evaporation rate
• Freezer temperature

Improper Freezing
There are quite a few visible signs when frozen food has been improperly handled at some point. The most prominent indicator is when water vapor from within the food moves to the surface of the product’s container. This shows that storage temperatures have fluctuated somewhere in the handling and transportation line.

Other Physical Signs
Sometimes there are no visible or physical signs that food has been improperly stored. However, once the food is cooked, you can tell there was a problem. Take a bag of frozen chicken breasts for example. Upon purchase, the chicken may look “perfect” with small ice crystals and a pink tinge to the chicken. However, if the chicken was improperly frozen and handled, you will see discoloration once it is cooked. In extreme cases, the chicken may even turn an unsightly pale gray color. Instead of the nice white center the consumer was looking for, they’re left with a disappointing product.

When a consumer experiences a problem like this, it reflects poorly on the food brand and the grocery store. At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse, we understand that the perception of your brand directly influences your livelihood. We work hard to provide responsive and innovative programs to the food industry.

We focus highly on food safety and providing brands with reputable storage options. Companies in Minnesota, as well as Iowa, Wisconsin and the Dakotas, rely on us to help deliver their goods in the best condition possible. For more information about our frozen storage options for the food industry, please contact Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company.


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