The Important Role of EDI and Software for Warehouse Storage

With the rapid increase in the use of digital data storage and industrial software programs globally during the last 30 years, a wide variety of warehouse settings utilize some form of electronic data interchange (EDI) between clients and partners. At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, we’re able to rely on our intelligent software storage and inventory tracking systems and provide quality, comprehensive EDI from the moment your goods are packed to be transported to our climate-controlled warehouse storage in Albert Lea, MN to the minute they reach their destination after export from our storage. EDI is a useful tool that provides many benefits when it comes to warehouse storage of all kinds, but it’s especially advantageous for the work of a temperature controlled, sealed environmental storage system.

MFWC utilizes digital inventory management systems that provide information in real-time about the status of your goods, and we provide comprehensive data sharing with our freight and rail carriers as well as with the customer. This EDI offers peace of mind when you work with MFWC for the storage of any fresh, frozen, and dry goods. Not only does this EDI allow us to improve our services and promote better food processing practices, it also protects the cold chain and supports global food safety from farm to shelf.

Primary Benefits of EDI

  • Maintain shipping accuracy with up to 99% guaranteed on-time, in-tact import and export services with less than 1% chance of compromised food quality.
  • Protected food safety with better inventory tracking, storage practices, and continued climate-control thanks to the knowledge of when and where your goods are.
  • On-time delivery with to-the-minute information about your inventory and the lane conditions.
  • Updates about the general plan for storage and transport of your goods including load consolidation, cross docking, repackaging, labeling, blast freezing, and more.
  • Notice of changes in plan regarding the storage and transport of your goods.
  • Continued updates about the location and status of your goods, including when it’s received, where it’s stored, and when it will be shipped.

Overall, EDI and data sharing between us, our customers, and our storage/shipping partners is a useful tool that improves virtually every aspect of our services. We’re able to provide continual communication with our clients and shipping partners to keep the goods we store safe, organized, and free from any contamination or compromise.

To learn more about the impact of EDI on food safety in our climate controlled warehouse storage in Albert Lea, MN, contact MFWC today at (507) 373-1477 or at


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