The Science of Blast Freezing

Blast freezing plays an incredibly important role in the food industry. It keeps products safe for consumption and protects them from quality degradation. But how exactly does it work? Let’s take a closer look at the science behind blast freezing.

Simply put, blast freezing is just a very rapid freezing process. Blast freezers use extremely low temperatures and continuous air circulation to cool foods more quickly than regular freezers. A blast freezer can reduce a product’s temperature to about 35°F from 160°F in 90 minutes, and to 0°F from 160°F in 240 minutes.

Rapid freezing offers two significant advantages over the slower, more typical freezing process. The first of these advantages has to do with consumer safety. When it comes to food storage, temperatures ranging from 45°F to 155°F fall into what could be called a danger zone. Between these temperatures, bacteria can multiply very quickly. The faster a food is frozen, the less time it spends in the danger zone—and by extension—the less opportunity bacteria has to grow.

In addition to minimizing the risk of bacterial growth, blast freezing helps preserve food quality. When food freezes slowly, the water in it forms a lattice pattern made up of relatively large ice crystals. These crystals can cause damage within the food’s individual cells—negatively affecting its flavor, color, texture, and nutritional value.

When food freezes quickly, however, the water is not able to organize into the aforementioned lattice pattern; it forms much smaller crystals instead. These smaller crystals displace less cell matter than their larger counterparts, and are therefore less likely to cause cell damage. As a result, foods that go through the blast freezing process generally taste fresher than they otherwise would.

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