Unexpected Goods That Require Cold Storage to Maintain Quality

Since 1915, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company has provided state-of-the-art industrial climate-controlled warehouse storage to customers worldwide. Today, our storage facilities accommodate a wide range of frozen, refrigerated, and dry food products. From blast room freezing to pork certification, load consolidation, order picking, export services, and more, we offer all the services you need for comprehensive storing and long-term food safety.

In the modern food industry, customers expect a range of products from across the globe to be available year-round. This means a cold chain protecting the safety and quality of food products is critical for transportation and storage. With MFWC complete dry and cold storage in Albert Lea, MN, both local and global food providers can trust us to keep their product safe, in prime condition, and well-recorded.

At MFWC, we work primarily with companies in the food industry, ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. We provide the comprehensive climate-controlled storage services each of our clients need for their food products. However, there are a number of unexpected non-food goods that require the cold storage warehousing we provide in order to maintain their quality:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Medicines often contain heat-sensitive active ingredients. Because of this, it’s imperative they’re stored in temperature-controlled conditions. If they’re compromised by temperature in any step of the storing and transport process, they may become ineffective or even dangerous to patients.
  • Live plants: Like fresh or frozen vegetables, living plants need the right kind of climate control to be protected during storage and transportation. Flowers, seedlings, herbs, and many other types of plants benefit from storage in a colder environment. For many plant types, that temperature range is very specific and requires state-of-the-art climate control like that of MFWC warehouses.
  • Film: Though film isn’t as popular today as it was in the past, there are still many companies producing film for photography and video. These formats should be kept in temperature-controlled conditions, preferably in cold storage to keep them from being damaged by heat. Cold storage also stabilizes any images recorded on the film.
  • Wax products: Wax can melt at temperatures as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Wax products like candles, lipsticks, wax coated paper dishes, crayons, shoe polish, and many others should be stored in conditions colder than the typical warehouse.
  • Art: Oil and acrylic paintings, photography, and other types of artwork can be damaged by temperatures and humidity that are too high. A climate-controlled cold storage facility protects the value and integrity of many types of art, especially in long-term storage.

When you choose to work with MFWC for climate-controlled storage, you will receive a quality logistics experience for all your food products and much more. To learn more about our warehouse cold storage in Albert Lea, MN, contact Benjamin A. Lares, Food Safety Quality Manager, at (507) 373-1477 or email us at blares@mfwc-cold.com


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