Value Added Services Are the Future for Temperature Controlled Storage in the Upper Midwest

The mindset of consumers today is very different from the mindset of consumers even just 30 years ago. The proliferation of the Internet provides information at the fingertips of consumers and instantaneous communication among consumers. Because of this, consumer demand has shifted overall, including for the food and restaurant industries. While the demand for food products of all kinds has increased in volume with the population increase, the demand format has changed as well. Today, more than ever before, there is more demand for food variety year-round. With the right facilities, like temperature controlled storage of the Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC) in the Upper Midwest, players in the food industry of all shapes and sizes can provide the foods that customers demand.

Due to a wide range of factors stemming from the development of advanced hot-house growing technology and transportation systems in tandem with the expansion of the Internet over the past 30 years, the food industry has changed immensely. This change primarily is revealed as a consumer demand for increases in variety for all food categories.

To keep up with the demand for variety in foods sourced from locations spanning across the globe, food industry players created highly effective transportation systems tied together with a range of food storage facility types. When it comes to frozen, refrigerated, and dry food goods, MFWC facilities provide reliable, high-quality temperature controlled storage warehouses in two locations key to coast-to-coast and border-to-border transport across the United States.

In addition to our climate-comprehensive storage services for food products of all types, MFWC also provides a range of value-added services that we believe are critical parts of the future of full-service food storage.

Value-Added Services for Temperature Controlled Storage

MFWC considers all of our services to be essential to providing comprehensive temperature controlled storage to the worldwide food industry, but our value-added services are a cherry on top of the foundational sundae of our storage facilities and services. They include:

  1. packing and repacking goods at arrival and before shipment
  2. labeling and relabeling goods at arrival and before shipment
  3. UPS and FedEx shipments for small scale goods
  4. load consolidating and order picking
  5. digital by-the-minute inventorying during transport and storage
  6. individual selection of cases and case lots
  7. export services directly from MFWC locations
  8. overall attention to detail and retaining of responsibility even after goods leave our facilities

This global shift in consumer demand for more variety in food products available year-round is one that food storage providers and transporters must all acknowledge. They must also choose to shift their practices to meet this growing demand without compromising food quality and food safety. Our value-added services allow our customers to add variety in product types and shipment sizes to better meet customer demand—all with the trust that our storage team can effectively and correctly store, track, pack, and ship food goods.

To learn more about our value-added services and temperature controlled storage in the Upper Midwest, contact Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company at (507) 373-1477 or email us at today.


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