What is the Importance of Cold Chain Logistics?

The process that involves the safe transport of products and goods that are “temperature-sensitive” along the supply chain is referred to as cold chain logistics. This process depends heavily on science and technology to assess and execute what must be done to maintain the proper temperature of items based on their perishability. At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC), we have the extensive resources and experience to provide you with high quality cold chain logistics services.

Perishable products need cold chain logistics. These products can include produce, seafood, meat, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals.

The Health of Consumers in the Balance

The products produced by manufacturers must be fresh when they arrive at the consumer’s door, even when shipped from thousands of miles away. This presents a challenge logistically. Growers and suppliers of food stuff must utilize methods of shipping fresh food to consumers in a timely and safe manner that maintains the freshness and integrity of their products. This is not always an easy task, considering that today food is sourced from various parts of the world.

In addition to the food industry requiring cold chain logistics to maintain the temperature of food products, the pharmaceutical industry also has the same requirements. There are many temperature-sensitive medications that are sent long distances to various locations around the world. With some of the medications, even a small temperature deviation outside of the acceptable temperature range can cause an expensive drug, for example, to become ineffective or go bad before the patient or consumer receives it.

Economic Impact When the Cold Chain Process Fails

In order to get refrigerated products to the consumer, those products must pass through several links in the chain, so to speak. If the temperature drops under the allowable range to maintain product freshness and integrity during any portion of the chain process, the quality or shelf life of the product may drop with no alternative left but to throw the product away. In that case, the cold chain companies and the shipper involved in the process lose money.

A successful cold chain process will maintain the required temperature range for products throughout the entire shipping process.

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