When the Delivery of Food, Time and Temperature Matters, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company Makes Life Easy With Rail Services

The delivery of food from the farm to the market and then to your table is important. The time it takes to deliver the food and the required temperature during transportation are important factors. Shipments of perishable foods are one of the most difficult tasks for transportation providers. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company knows the balance of such a delicate job.

In the 1800s, most food was shipped by rail, and freight cars were cooled using huge blocks of ice. Meat, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are still transported by rail, but today’s customers demand fresh and convenient food without any contamination. To meet these needs, refrigeration and timely delivery are vital to the safety of the food and reduce contamination and food borne illness.

The summer months in the Midwest require a focused approach to handling perishables from the trucks to the warehouse and then to the store. High capacity equipment is necessary to maintain correct and consistent temperatures of food items.

Loading and unloading of rail services for perishables is an important factor. One rail car alone has the capacity to transport 3 ½ truckloads of perishables. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse in Albert Lea, Minnesota, has temperature controlled loading docks to help with the transfer perishables from the warehouse to the railcar and vice versa without any degradation of quality of product. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse has been loading railcars efficiently and safely for over 50 years. The rail line into Albert Lea, MN is serviced by Union Pacific Railroad Company.  Union Pacific with over 150 years of service in the western half of the United States with over 47,000 employees and over 8,500 locomotives operate via GPS. Automatic Equipment Identification dramatically streamlines the inventory process and monitors temperatures throughout the shipping process to make sure your products deliver on time and in the proper condition.

Along with appropriate levels of humidity, maintaining the proper temperature is one of the biggest factors in the longevity of perishables. These two factors are similar to a ballet in that the proper balance is necessary. In addition, proper placement of items is critical to allow proper flow of air through the truck or railcar.

Consumers will continue to demand fresh food as well as grab-and-go options which, in turn, require critical transportation planning. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse is equipped and prepared to meet the growing trend. Our staff consistently delivers professional customer service, temperature-controlled products, and reliable service every time. We make it a priority to meet your needs by delivering your products on time and as fresh as when they left the field. Contact us today by phone, email, or visit our website for delivery of your perishables. The delivery of your food matters. Time and temperature matters. And Minnesota Freezer Warehouse is your company to provide all of that, and then some!


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