Why Temperatures of Perishables Matter with Proper Storage at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company

If you have ever opened a bag of frozen vegetables, fruit, or other perishables, and found a bit of discoloration, chances are these items were not prepared or stored at the proper temperature to ensure and maintain freshness. At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company in Austin and Albert Lea, Minnesota, there are no worries about perishables being stored at the incorrect temperature or for the improper length of time.

Butter, cheese, vegetables, meats, and dry foods all have different specifications to meet proper storage standards. For example, storing meats properly prevents the risk of bacteria and other foodborne bacterial illnesses. In addition, it is imperative that foods be stored at the proper temperature, whether it be frozen, refrigerated, or dry. Typically, the rapid freezing process is best to preserve the quality of your food. However, if foods are frozen too fast, they may crack, and your product will be ruined. Taking the proper steps, combined with the proper temperature, will maintain the safety of your product and greatly reduce your risk of any foodborne illnesses.

Temperatures really do make a difference. For example, if you came home from the grocery store, you certainly wouldn’t store your eggs in the cupboard, or ice cream in the refrigerator. It’s all in the storage temperature to keep our food products healthy, presentable, and safe.

If you are a farmer, a huge company, or a retailer, you know the importance of proper temperatures for your perishables so as not to have them go to waste. At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, we work hand-in-hand with major producers across the nation to ensure that the quality of their frozen and refrigerated foods is the best that it can be from the very beginning to the very end. The focus of our trained and professional staff is on food safety and trustworthy options for your refrigerated and frozen goods.

Contact Randy Skophammer, Director of Business Development at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse today by calling 844-373-1477 or emailing rskophammer@mfwc-cold.com. Because at Minnesota Freezer it’s all about the temperature at which we store your perishables at in our warehouses. You really do matter to us at Minnesota Freezer!



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