Cold Storage Opportunities in the Upper Midwest

Summertime is here in the Upper Midwest, which means we’ve entered the warmest part of the year. When the weather becomes hot and steamy, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company can keep your products perfectly chilled and protected with our modern cold storage facilities.

It’s no secret that a Minnesota summer can bring days that are exceptionally sizzling and sultry. When those sweltering days settle in, it’s essential to keep your spoilable products properly refrigerated and safe. Our modern storage facilities and exceptional services can provide the customized solutions you seek to keep perishables, such as fruits and veggies, properly chilled during the heat of the harvest season.

Cold Storage

Investing in quality cold storage will allow you to produce more products and store them safely throughout the year. Our storage facilities can keep your products fresh for a longer period of time, and by avoiding wasteful spoilage and loss, you can have more to work with. That’s an important reason to invest in cold storage for your business!


Time is of the utmost importance when working with perishables. When you utilize our cold storage expertise, you give yourself the gift of time—more time to harvest your product and more time to keep it fresh. High-quality storage means extending the length of time that you have access to fresh products, which gives your business a little more flexibility.


When you choose to work with the experienced team of professionals at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, you’re adding members to the team of people who support your business and products. We are here to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and we’ll work with you to ensure your product is stored properly to keep it at its peak of perfection!

If you’re looking for a cold storage solution during the warmest part of the year in the Upper Midwest, look no further than our team of cold storage professionals at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company. We offer the perfect storage solutions for your refrigerated, frozen, or dry goods, and our professional staff and FDA-certified warehouses are ready to support your needs.

You can contact us today at (507) 373-1477, toll-free at (844) 373-1477, or by email. For additional information on our cold storage facilities and other exceptional services, visit our website now!


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