Storing and Transporting Perishable Foods From Farm to Table at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company

Here in the US, we have access to food products year-round that are grown in diverse climates and conditions. However, transporting these foods through varying climates has become a big challenge. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse is a full service refrigerated warehousing company that provides reliable and effective solutions to the frozen and refrigerated food industry.

Foods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and other frozen foods need extra attention when being transported across the nation, from the sweltering climate of the desert heat to subzero temperatures in the Midwest. Therefore, proper HVACR systems are critical to maintaining interior conditions that make sure the food arrives with the same level of quality as when it left the field.

The delivery of your food matters, and consumers today continue to demand fresh food, grab and go options, and fresh seafood when they visit their favorite restaurants. It is imperative that these types of foods be handled, refrigerated, and frozen properly to prevent health concerns such as E. coli.

Maintaining a high focus on food safety is one of the most important details of food service, and securing a place to store your perishables without worry comes in close second. Preventing cross contamination of foods is essential and calls for careful storage. Warehouse staff and delivery trucks have a tough job; they need to be certain that specific foods are separated and properly refrigerated, in order to maintain freshness from the farm to the table.
Contact Randy Skophammer at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company today for proper storage and transport of your perishable foods, and keep them fresh from the farm to the table.


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