Understanding the System Components of a Climate-Controlled Warehouse in Albert Lea, MN

High-quality storage has always been a key factor in global food safety. This includes the way you store your food at home and how food service providers store food in their restaurants, but on a larger scale, food safety depends on the quality of warehouse storage. The scale of warehouse storage means that vast quantities of food can be affected at the same time, whether the effect is a compromise of freezer temperatures or a contaminant that sneaks through a storage provider’s defenses. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC) understands the importance of our role as a high-quality, comprehensive climate-controlled warehouse in Albert Lea, MN, and as a provider of large-scale storage for food goods worldwide.

The structure of the food transport and storage industry is one that requires a team effort for the true support of food quality and safety globally. As a food storage warehouse provider in the Upper Midwest, MFWC is in a prime location to serve food industry players and communities on both coasts and across both borders. From an international and intercontinental perspective, this means our facilities take significant part in the movement of many food products headed east, west, south, and north.

MFWC has played this part in the food industry for over 100 years, and through the changes time brought to the industry, our facilities and practices have changed accordingly. Today, our climate-controlled warehouse systems are made up of three main components that cover a broad range of specialized tools.

Climate-Controlled Warehouse Storage

Our warehouse locations in Albert Lea and Austin, MN, provide comprehensive climate-controlled warehouse storage with Agility Recovery backup power systems, so you can rest assured your products will never be compromised by power outages.

  1. Temperature control: MFWC facilities have frozen, refrigerated, and dry storage capabilities. We’re able to store virtually any food or good with an exacting temperature, and provide additional temperature-sensitive services such as rapid blast and room freezing.
  2. Climate control: While temperature control is a critical, a completely necessary aspect of a food storage warehouse is climate control, which is just as key in many ways. Primarily, the management of humidity levels, air flow, and temperature distribution are important to maintaining optimal conditions in a temperature and climate-controlled warehouse.


Goods are moved daily at MFWC. This transportation is largely the import and export of food products in and out of our facilities, but also includes the in-house movement of goods throughout our warehouses to provide peak storage efficiency. The protection of food safety during transport is just as important as during the food’s time in storage.


The recording and tracking of inventory is an involved process, but it is necessary to maintain food safety and quality during storage and transport. MFWC utilizes industry-leading inventory record-keeping software that barcodes products and offers to-the-minute detailed information for comprehensive storage management.

To learn more about how our climate-controlled warehouses in Albert Lea, MN, and Austin, MN, work, contact Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company at (507) 373-1477 today.


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