Frozen Food Storage in the Upper Midwest

Make sure to get your frozen food storage needs under control in the Midwest this fall by learning more about what specific types of conditions work best. There are a number of different products and services that require frozen storage, and fortunately, our experienced team at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company is here to help!

According to the Food and Drug Administration, there are some specific protocols to follow when working with frozen food. Here at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, we follow all FDA protocols to keep your frozen food safe. We are here to keep your food products safe by keeping them at the right temperature.

Frozen Food Storage Preserves Nutrients

Food retains nutrient density through the process of freezing. With proper precautions, you should be able to thaw and eat them with little change in the food quality. That includes a variety of different food types, including proteins.

Proper Storage

Check labels often! It’s important to make sure that you freeze that food at the right time and temperature. Freezing food can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, but it won’t necessarily kill bacteria that’s already there. Make sure to follow all storage and thawing instructions on commercially packaged foods, and also check that the freezer is at the proper temperature.

Frozen Food Storage

Make sure the space you have is appropriate in size for your product, functional, and managed by a qualified team when it comes to safe and effective storage. The professionals at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company[J1]  are here for any and all of your storage needs. We will make sure to keep your food safe!

Do you have other questions about frozen food storage in the Midwest? Our professional team is here to answer them and to support you throughout the process of navigating storage.

Contact us today at (507) 373-1477 or, toll-free, at (844) 373-1477, and together we can safely get started with your frozen food storage!



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