Efficient Order Picking Methods in a Cold Storage Warehouse

When you work with Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company for frozen, refrigerated, or dry storage of your food products or other goods that require temperature control, you can trust us for reliable storage conditions, live inventory tracking, packaging services, and import/export services. Our cold storage warehouse in Austin, MN, and Albert Lea, MN offer comprehensive services in addition to their excellence of storage and service, including specialized order picking methods depending on your order needs.

Order picking can vary greatly in a cold storage warehouse because of the specification of the product, the scale of the order, and the temperature control required from storage to transport. We offer a range of picking methods including individual case selection, lot picking, multiple stop load picking, and more. The basic formats of order picking include:

  • Individual Case: Single case picking is one of the most common services provided to our customers. Our team of warehouse employees can quickly pick and move single cases with fast adjustment and tracking of inventory and to-the-minute recording of the transportation of that case. This system offers the accuracy and speed of small-scale picking.
  • Lot Picking: Our customers often need to store in lots that can consist of multiple cases. Our storage systems provide efficient recording of lots no matter how many cases are included. By picking full lots at a time, our employees spend less time moving throughout the warehouse and can more quickly organize along with locating the storage of units without compromising the temperature range of the specific storage system.
  • Multiple Lot/Order: Some orders can include multiple lots, or a load picking might include lots of multiple orders. This large-scale picking can quickly, efficiently, and accurately track down, consolidate, pack, and export/import several orders or lots at a time. This picking system is ideal for full truck loads or multiple freight loads daily.  

To learn more about how different types of order picking can be applied to an order and how that picking system protects the cold chain while improving efficiency for our cold storage warehouse in Austin, MN, contact MFWC at (507) 373-1477 or email us at info@mfwc-cold.com today.


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