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Today’s food industry requires a broad range of services within the storage and transportation field. As a part of the food storage industry, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company is dedicated to maintaining quality in our warehouse operations and continually improving our practices. Our two climate-controlled warehouses are part of a coast-to-coast and border-to-border transit/storage system for dry, refrigerated, and frozen foods and other perishable goods. To promote quality in our facilities and provide a safe workspace for our employees while meeting FDA and USDA standards, MFWC follows strict guidelines. Our goal as a cold storage warehouse in Austin, MN is to protect the goods of our customers and support communities with safe, quality food products.

The basic necessities for maintaining a quality cold storage warehouse include:

  • Sanitation: In any food processing facility, the first rule is sanitation. To prevent the compromise of food safety, our warehouse facilities are frequently sanitized, and food products are routinely handled with approved processes meeting food industry guidelines. From sanitizing receiving areas to worker PPE cleanliness, MFWC upholds extremely rigorous sanitation practices.
  • Power: The key aspect of a quality cold storage warehouse is protecting the power source that allows cooling systems to keep food products at ideal temperatures. Because primary power sources aren’t 100% reliable and occasional power outages can occur, MFWC works with Agility Recovery for dependable backup power systems. If we ever experience a power outage, our customers can rest assured that high-powered backup generators will protect their goods and maintain perfect storage conditions.
  • Disaster proofing: Other than sudden power outages, there are some disasters that can also pose a danger to the conditions of a cold storage warehouse. Fire and flooding are the most common causes for concern, but storm damage and theft can also be potential risks. At MFWC, we utilize as much disaster proofing as possible to protect your products.
  • Space: Like any other warehouse, space is critical for cold storage facilities. For storage, load moving, in/outbound freight, and employee navigation, enough space is necessary to provide quality services. At MFWC, our space is 5.3 million cubic feet in our two warehouse facilities. Between both warehouses, we have almost 40,000 pallet positions and rail or freight services are available. In a nutshell, MFWC has the space to store your goods and the ability to maintain a safe workspace for our employees.
  • Certification: Any reliable company working in the food industry will meet certifications and standards for their field. When it comes to cold storage warehouse certifications, MFWC is MN SHARP, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, USDA, AIB International, and FDA certified. We work to continue to meet the standards for these certificates yearly, and we will keep our cold storage warehouse systems at peak quality to maintain certification.

These are broad descriptions and just a general range of what we do to protect the quality of our warehouses. To learn more about our services as a cold storage warehouse in Austin, MN, contact MFWC today at (507) 373-1477 or info@mfwc-cold.com.


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