Refrigerated Storage for the New Year

Even though we’ll be experiencing snow, ice, and a wintry cold outside for the next few months, it’s still important to make sure that your shipped products stay consistently cold! When it comes to high-quality refrigerated storage in the Midwest, you need to know exactly how to ensure that your products ship safely.

Our team at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC) is here to support you, regardless of what you have to ship or store. Here are just a few common questions and answers you might have to start off your new year of refrigerated storage:

What are some common products that require refrigerated storage?

There are many different types of products that need to be stored in colder temperatures, but don’t need to be completely frozen! These include different beauty products, flowers, or food products such as dairy and meat.

What are the differences between refrigerated storage and frozen storage?

The primary differences are types of product that are stored and temperature. Our experienced team understands the importance of correctly regulating the temperature of different refrigerated products, and will work to ensure that everything is safely taken care of while it’s with us.

What are the benefits of refrigerated storage?

Even products that you might not usually think of needing refrigeration can benefit from this process. Refrigeration is a great way to keep products fresh for a longer amount of time, and especially once the temperature rises outside, can make the whole process of shipping and storage much easier for you!

Whom can I trust with my refrigerated storage?

Our team at MFWC has years of experience and expertise to help support you and your product. We hope to work with you soon!

So, ready to invest in refrigerated storage? Give us a call today, and let’s get started!


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