Supporting Food Safety in Albert Lea, MN, with MNSHARP Certified Facilities

At Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (MFWC), our highest priority is to protect the quality of your product and promote global food safety standards. To achieve this, we work hard to maintain food storage certifications, quality facilities, and best practices. As a family owned food storage warehouse company, we are also committed to providing a safe and supportive work environment for our employees. In order to promote food safety and a quality workspace—all while meeting standards of excellence in service, MFWC upholds MNSHARP certified facilities in addition to our other FDAOSHAAIB, and SQF certifications. For quality service with practices for guaranteed food safety in Albert Lea, MN, look no farther than MFWC.

With an annual MNSHARP recertification, MFWC is able to provide the safe, comfortable, and supportive work environment our team of dedicated employees deserves.

How MFWC Meets Certification Standards

Our two warehouse locations in Albert Lea and Austin, MN, offer freezer, refrigerated, and dry storage services to customers locally and across the globe. To maintain this level of storage capabilities, MFWC employees work hard to keep quality under control and protect food safety. We support their dedication with MNSHARP facilities that:

  1. receive a regular full service inspection, including a health and safety consultation
  2. have an injury report from the previous 365 days meeting minimum requirements
  3. offer a continually updated list of potential workplace hazards
  4. take positive actions to minimize workplace hazards overall
  5. maintain a health and safety management program meeting MNOSHA standards
  6. prevent workplace violence
  7. perform a regular self-evaluation and submit this report to MNOSHA
  8. perform required recordkeeping meeting MNOSHA standards
  9. keep all machinery and storage equipment in safe working condition
  10. provide safe plumbing, air filtration, and electrical systems
  11. do not hide or omit any information related to MNOSHA and MNSHARP standards from employees
  12. communicate any potential hazards to employees and provide training on the prevention of accidents
  13. continue to improve the working environment while meeting MNSHARP standards overall

Meeting MNSHARP standards for employee well-being is an important part of our food safety initiative as a storage provider. Preventing workplace hazards minimizes human error in the storage process, and with a supportive environment for all our team members, MFWC can continue to grow as a company, improve quality control practices, and promote a community mentality daily.

MFWC employees form a team of knowledgeable, hardworking, and dedicated individuals. Their role in climate-controlled food storage practices is a vital element in the promotion of global food safety initiatives and in getting food products from the farm to the shelf both locally and worldwide.

To learn more about our work in supporting food safety in Albert Lea, MN, and across the globe, or to partner with us today, contact MFWC at (507) 373-1477.


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1907 14th Street N.E.
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