Why Freezing Food Properly Matters to MFWC

The American food industry is governed by a cold chain. Food products are quickly moved from farms to packaging plants and grocery stores through a network of refrigerated trucks and freezer warehouse facilities. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company is an integral part of the cold chain in the Midwest. Here’s why we take our responsibility to keep your business’s food products frozen at the optimal temperature so seriously:

Ensure Food Safety:
Food-borne illnesses are primarily caused by bacteria, and it can be difficult for a business to recover from a mass recall due to a food-borne illness. While freezing doesn’t always kill bacteria, it does significantly slow the process of bacterial This means that foods have a shelf life of months, rather than a few weeks, while still being safe to eat. In fact, according to the FDA, food is safe indefinitely when properly frozen and kept below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
Enhance Taste and Nutrition:
Just as freezing mitigates bacteria growth, it also serves to lock in natural taste, freshness and nutrients. Food that is stored at sub-zero temperatures, when thawed, will be as fresh as the day it was packaged prior to freezing. This is true for vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, as well as prepared foods such as pasta and pizzas. Many consumers don’t expect much from frozen foods, so when they find a product that is high quality and fresh, they will make a note to purchase that product again.
Protect Appearance:
Even if frozen foods are perfectly safe to eat and taste good when cooked, customers generally don’t put items that look unappetizing in their shopping carts. If frozen improperly, red meat can turn a brownish color, and poultry may become darker around the bones. Vegetables also tend to lose their vibrancy of color when frozen. Freezing items quickly, wrapping items well, and maintaining a consistent, cool temperature can improve food products aesthetic appearance in supermarket coolers.

Proper freezing techniques and temperature control can limit the potential for food-borne illnesses, conserve taste and nutrients, and maintain appearance—all of which could influence a consumer’s decision to purchase a product. If you are looking for a quality service to provide optimal temperature control for frozen food products in the Midwest, call Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company today.


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