Day-to-Day Living and the Importance of Proper Food Storage with Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company

Ever wonder what day-to-day living and a freezer warehouse have in common? Imagine you just went to the grocery store and picked up all your ingredients and food for an upcoming holiday get-together. When you arrive home, rather than unpacking everything, you simply throw it in one cupboard or in a shed out back. That […]

Has Frozen Food Changed the Way We Eat? Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Handles Perishables from the Field to the Supermarket

Years and years ago, it used to be that families ate fresh food from the garden, the prairie, or the farm land. If storage to keep the food cold was necessary, ice blocks were it. Nowadays, frozen foods seem to be the rave—mostly for the sake of time and convenience. Ever wonder how frozen food […]

Storing Meat and Food Safely Without the Risk of Salmonella, E. Coli, and Other Bacteria Buildup with Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company

We’ve heard it in the news all too often; someone is struck with a case of Salmonella, E. coli, or other bacteria due to contaminated meats, vegetables, or other foods. How scary! Proper meat freezing and storage is essential to ensure healthy, bacteria-free consumption of such foods. Vegetables, as well, need appropriate storage solutions to […]

Storing and Transporting Perishable Foods From Farm to Table at Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company

Here in the US, we have access to food products year-round that are grown in diverse climates and conditions. However, transporting these foods through varying climates has become a big challenge. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse is a full service refrigerated warehousing company that provides reliable and effective solutions to the frozen and refrigerated food industry. Foods such […]

Handling Perishables with a Focused Approach Keeps Food Fresh and Safe From Coast to Coast

We all understand the need to protect our crops and other perishables from the heat, humidity, and changing climate in the upper Midwest during the summer months. Having a pop-up canopy to protect our fields and crops truly isn’t a reality. Therefore, we must take a more focused approach on handling and preserving our perishables […]

When the Delivery of Food, Time and Temperature Matters, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company Makes Life Easy With Rail Services

The delivery of food from the farm to the market and then to your table is important. The time it takes to deliver the food and the required temperature during transportation are important factors. Shipments of perishable foods are one of the most difficult tasks for transportation providers. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company knows the balance […]

Proper Freezing and Storage of Food – A Crucial Step from Farmland to Table

From a small garden or family farm to a huge multinational agricultural provider, in order to preserve your products, you need to find proper storage and a way to refrigerate or freeze so as not to waste. As we know, freezing food is a way of slowing down decomposition and turning any remaining moisture into […]

Why Freezing Food Properly Matters to MFWC

The American food industry is governed by a cold chain. Food products are quickly moved from farms to packaging plants and grocery stores through a network of refrigerated trucks and freezer warehouse facilities. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company is an integral part of the cold chain in the Midwest. Here’s why we take our responsibility to […]

The Importance of Proper Freezing and Storage in the Food Industry

When walking through the grocery store, many customers don’t think about how the frozen food items in the freezer case got there. They have no clue what is required to get their favorite frozen food from producer to retailer. Maintaining a consistent system of proper cold storage is crucial to providing customers with the best […]

Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Co. Goes Live!

Refrigerated Warehousing for Minnesota-based Businesses Welcome to the new website for Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company! We dedicate our business to providing frozen and refrigerated storage space for those in the food industry. We are excited about our new website design and can’t wait to share it with you! About Us Since 1915, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse […]


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